The Unliving Game FAQ

1. What is The Unliving?
The Unliving is a dynamic rogue-lite action RPG with strategic elements, where you play as a Necromancer and turn killed enemies into your own army of the undead.

2. Is the game already released? Where can I play?
The game is still in development and set for release on October 31, 2022. The demo is available on Steam. In the meanwhile, you can add The Unliving to your Steam wishlist.

3. Is this game free?
No, but you'll have to pay only once when buying the game – we won't ask any additional purchases within the game from you.

4. Can I play on my mobile device or consoles?
First of all, we will launch the game for PC and consoles. Only then we hope to begin working on the version for mobile devices.

5. Will there be Beta / Early Access?
It is quite possible, therefore follow our posts on social media and stay tuned.

6. Which languages will the game be translated into?
The game will be translated to about 10 languages - look for future updates.

7. How can I support this project?
Your reposts and retweets on social media are very helpful, as well as adding the game to your Steam wishlist

8. Which engine and programming language the game is being created at?
Unity, C#

9. Is there a story in The Unliving?
Yes, we are preparing a lot of interesting stories that will gradually open to you in the process of playing the game.

10. Will there be a co-op / multiplayer?
One day we would like to see some kind of multiplayer in the game, but for now, we are all focused on more basic goals.

11. What about controller support?
The game will support the controller, yes.

12. Will there be any microtransactions in the game?
No, all in-game content will be fully available after the game is purchased. In the future, we may be releasing large paid DLCs, but the main content and regular updates will be available for free to everyone who purchased the game.

13. I have a weak PC, will I be able to play? (system requirements)
We have yet to commence full-scale testing of the game. To figure out roughly whether your PC can handle the game, you can try to test similar games on it.

14. I am a streamer / YouTuber – can you give me a key?
Please, write to us to and add a link to your channel.

15. What about skill tree and character progression?
You can combine the artifacts that you find and change the abilities of your hero according to your play style. The traditional skill tree is not planned at the moment.

16. Can I customize my character?
We are thinking about this, but at the moment you can't

17. Can I build a base?

18. Will there be friendly NPCs?
At the moment there will definitely be a merchant from whom you can buy various useful things for your adventures. It is possible that there will be other characters as well

19. How many different creatures there are in the game?
We plan to create about 25 types of various opponents, not counting small living creatures. All of the enemies can be resurrected in their unique undead shape, with the exception of creatures not of the flesh.

20. How much time will it take to complete the game?
In The Unliving you have a thousand reasons for which you can lose and start over, but sooner or later you will be lucky enough to complete all levels to the end without dying. One such successful passage takes about one hour of real-time, but it won't allow you to open everything in the game, so the total playing time can take dozens of hours.

21. How will game saves work?
In the event of a power failure or a PC shutdown, you can continue the game from the location where you left off. In addition, there will be no in-game saves. If you die, you will have to start over.

22. So does the permadeath makes me lose everything I collected?
No, with each attempt you will gradually discover new artifacts and accumulate in-game currency, which can be spent on gaining advantages during the next attempt. Thus, over time, your capabilities will expand along with your gaming experience.

23. Will there be different classes of heroes?
At the moment we have planned only one main character. Perhaps more heroes will appear in the updates.

24. Is this a Slasher / Tower Defense?
No. The Unliving is not a slasher, as you get a lot of tactical thinking to do with your squad/army in order to complete the level. If you lose all your undead adherents due to the tactical mistakes, you will hardly be able to win the game.
It's not a Tower Defense or "Reversed Tower Defense" either, as you get to control not only your army but directly your hero, traveling through different locations, including forests, swampland, and deserts.

25. How is this game different from The Binding of Isaac / Overlord / Right Click to Necromance / Undead Horde?
First of all, we must say that The Unliving is a very unusual game that is extremely difficult to compare with others. When solving problems during the development process, we constantly encounter a situation where there is simply no place to borrow a solution – there are no similar games. But if you need more specifics, then:
- Unlike Isaac – you have a huge crowd of the undead here and many more enemies. You will have to use tactical thinking rather than fighting in one-on-one duels with the monsters;
- Unlike Overlord – we don't have linear gameplay, but a rogue-lite with procedurally generated levels. Also, our game is more about fighting rather than completing quests and puzzles;
- Unlike RCTN – our game has a much bigger scope with more mechanics, locations, monsters, and abilities. Also, we have the main hero.
- Unlike UH – besides the huge difference in visual style, our game is focused on dark and grim narrative, it is also a rogue-lite, not a linear game. The mechanics of The Unliving allow the player to control the undead units directly and use their abilities. There are also artifacts that change your undead units in The Unliving that affect the gameplay with every run. We also put a lot of effort into creating the lore and developing the plot through indirect storytelling – you can check our previous devlogs to read more about it.

26. Have you thought about thematic in-game events?
This is a good idea and we think that it would be nice to arrange something like that, for example, on Halloween :)

27. In which stores the game will be released, besides Steam?
We are interested in putting our game on to as many storefronts as we can, but at this moment we certainly will release it on Steam in the first place

28. What do you think about Kickstarter?
At the moment we have no immediate plans, but everything might change.

29. Where else can I follow your game news and updates?

30. Who you guys are?

We are RocketBrush Studio - a Cyprus company and a multicultural team representing more than 8 nations.

31. Is this your first game?

This is our first in-house project. Prior to this, our studio used to help the other developers create their projects and we continue to do so – we provide game art outsourcing services and create game graphics, videos, etc.

32. Do your developers get paid for their work on The Unliving or do they work on a rev-share basis?

All our team members are professionals and receive full payment for their work on the project

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