Devlog: The World of The Unliving

Our game is set in a dark fantasy world of hunched overworked serfs, noble-blooded yet debauched aristocrats, and the ever-looming iron fist of Theocracy. This is the world in which an earnest prayer could cause a miracle – but nonetheless very distant from a utopian paradise. The world touched by the other kind of magic: ferocious and unforgiving one.

What can you expect from the story? A plot centered around Necromancer and necromancy; a narrative of commanding hordes of Undead and the price one has to pay to truly understand the Dark Arts – the themes we put a lot of effort to present at the level no game did before. We chose to use indirect storytelling techniques – which might be familiar to many of you from the Dark Souls universe or the film Memento.

The big picture and the true reasoning behind the events will gradually unfold as you progress in the game and hunt down scattered clues. We also work on populating the environment with little details telling you their own stories. And there are lot of those in this world! Each new walkthrough will gradually uncover a new piece of the 'plot puzzle' and, eventually, shed the light on who is actually pulling the strings in this story.

The role of the main adversary in the game is given to The Church – a human faction, creation of which was guided by the image of the late Roman Empire with its belligerent imperialism; and by the epoch of the Holy Inquisition with its omnipresent terror. However, humans are not the only foe you will get a chance to clash with. And, sometimes you will encounter opponents that cannot be overcome just by brute force, they would require wits and quick tactical thinking. But we believe that eventually you will take down even the most terrifying of your enemies in The Unliving. Take down and raise them to fight for your cause. The cause only Death has a shot at.

The Unliving
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